Ssion and House of Ladosha Whip Up a Crowd at Brooklyn Bowl -- Photos

[caption id="attachment_59232" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Ssion Photo: Rebecca Smeyne for MTV Hive[/caption]

Wrapping up a six-week tour together, SSION and House of Ladosha played a homecoming show last night at Brooklyn Bowl, where they whipped the crowd into a frenzy. Unlike many bills cobbled together by convenience and agents, this pairing was refreshingly organic, a joint venture of two talents at the forefront of the art-minded queer music scene. Cody Critcheloe, the creative force and vocalist of SSION, was right up front for House of Ladosha's set, cheering and singing along to their ball-scene-influenced high-energy crunk, and the Ladosha duo was onstage singing backup for much of the SSION set.

Critcheloe had the audience in his hands, leading people up onto the stage, then back down to sit on the ground (which was littered with broken glass from all the excitement), and zig-zagging around the room, as he screamed "Let's get cheesy!" and other words of encouragement.

SSION has, amazingly, been around since 1996, and has gradually amassed a catalogue of underground hits and a dedicated following. The shrieks emitted by the crowd during singles like their recent "Earthquake" were akin to those of tween girls at Justin Bieber concerts.

Last night was SSION in band form, but at its core, SSION is the long-term multimedia art project that is Critcheloe. He's done extravagant theatrical SSION productions, both on his own and with PS1 MoMA, Recently he crafted an immersive installation and screened a feature-length film titled "Boy" for a feature exhibit at New York gallery The Hole. And in the past he's directed videos for Santigold, CSS, the Gossip, the Liars and Peaches, among others.

Check out scenes from last night, below.