Hot Chip Take Football to Another Dimension in "Don't Deny Your Heart" Video

New Hot Chip videos are always cause for celebration, but we're really excited about the Peter Serafinowicz-directed clip for "Don't Deny Your Heart." The director of previous videos like "Night and Day" and "I Feel Better" got cheeky in this one, which features the band playing a video game in which opposing football teams are macho and hellbent on winning.Things start out normally enough, but once the players are sucked through a mouth vortex midway through the game, everyone gets taken a little out of their comfort zone, including the bandmates. "It seems they've gone into another dimension," notes one TV commentator as the players reappear on a galaxy dance floor occupied by gold men. "Yes, it seems to be the dimension of dance," exclaims the other. The two players embrace, as things dissolve into some manic love fest where even the commentators pause to lip-lock. It looks like your typical football brawl, except filled with love.

Hot Chip's latest album, In Our Heads, is out now on Domino