Metz and Hunters Beast Out at Mercury Lounge - Photos

[caption id="attachment_58826" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Metz at Mercury Lounge Photo: Rebecca Smeyne[/caption]

There were no synths on the Mercury Lounge stage Monday night at the Metz and Hunters show, a pairing made in post-punk heaven. Headliners Metz, a Canadian trio, released their debut on Sub Pop only a month ago, and, in its wake (and on the wave of excellent post-CMJ press) have blitzed the country with sold-out shows.

At one point during the Metz set, bassist Chris Slorach heaved his instrument at the crowd. It was strapped to his body, so it didn't go far, but the sensation the moment this band starts playing, feels like getting hit by a guitar, if not a wall of them. There is an immediacy to this music; loud, unabashed, and satisfying, it commands attention, while being neither brutal nor pretty. After the show, a fan approached singer/guitarist Alex Edkins, remarking, "You're a beast."

Gritty and grungy with a riotous streak, Hunters is a four-piece fronted by couple Derek Watson and Isabel Almeida. They attract plenty of attention as well, with their effortless chemistry, catchy refrains and playful, unrestrained stage posturing. Their dynamic live show is how their most recent album came to be produced by James Iha, after he saw them play a basement party in NYC (Nick Zinner mixed the album).  Check out the photos, below.