Sabo and Heartbreak Go Legit With 'Moombahsoul Remixes Volume One'

This past Tuesday, moombahton innovators Sabo and Heartbreak released Moombahsoul Remixes Volume One, a savory collection of mid-tempo hip hop and R&B flips primed for the dancefloor. (Coincidentally or not, November 13th was also moombahton’s third “birthday.”) The five-track EP was released via Legitmix, a service that allows DJs and producers to sell sampled remixes, mashups and mixes without having to attain copyright clearance. It’s a useful tool for Sabo and Heartbreak, who were able to bring their sample-heavy 110 BPM remix of Art of Noise’s “Moments In Love” straight to market. Moombahsoul stalwarts J Boogie, Melo, Disgraceland and Jon Kwest contributed too, with lush two-step remixes of Faze-O, Maxwell, Sade and Q Parker respectively. If these downloads only wet your appetite for noirish dance gems, don't fret; Sabo and Heartbreak, along with Mixmag, are currently taking submissions for Moombahsoul Remixes Volume Two. To enter, simply tag your Legitmix uploads with "Moombahsoul Remixes." (Scouts and casual listeners alike can listen to submitted tracks here.) To get your feet shuffling now, check out Moombahsoul Remixes Volume One below: