The Pharmacy Pay Tribute to a Weed Farm on 'Stoned & Alone'

[caption id="attachment_57943" align="alignnone" width="640"] Photo: Adarasha Benjamin[/caption]

"Stoned & Alone doesn't necessarily mean being alone," says the Pharmacy's drummer, Brendhan Bowers, explaining the name of the band's upcoming record. "Getting stoned with people sometimes feels like being alone. Sometimes I like just sitting around and among people, admiring everything and pondering how people will be in the future. Sometimes it's a horrifying experience and doesn't flow so smoothly."

Although Bowers' description could just as easily be applied to the band's music — a kind of metaphor, if you will -- the garage-rock band's new album does have history in the literal. According to Bowers, the Seattle band named their record as such because he once worked on a weed farm in California. "I lived in the middle of nowhere with one other person, who was a complete nightmare," he recalls. "[He] smoked like 10 giant 'hippy-dick' joints a day and was perpetually stoned and feeling very alone and isolated."

The record is a collection of new tunes and songs from previous EPs and online releases, and constitutes a collection of highs and lows. Singalong tracks like "Chinese Finger Trap" and the languorous, dangle-your-toes-in-the-doldrums jam "Lazy Bones," are juxtaposed with a suicide inspired-song called "Dig Your Grave" and the jangley, wry "Appreciation."

The Pharmacy recorded Stoned over the course of six days in their hometown of Seattle, and while themes of isolation subtly reverberate throughout, the music within showcases a band that will get you dancing — albeit while weeping in a crowd of strangers.

Stoned & Alone is out November 20th on Old Flame Records. Stream it below: