Watch Hallelujah the Hills' "Call Off Your Horses" Video

On “Call Off Your Horses,” the final track on trombone-infused indie rockers Hallelujah the Hills’ latest album No One Knows What Happens Next, frontman Ryan Walsh sings, “I am the token fiend you read about in the Bible.” And then he challenges the listener to a fight, ostensibly to the death. To reflect the finality of his lyrics, he shot the band’s video for that song on his last day of work at the Cambridge, Massachusetts’ American Repertory Theater. The venue had employed him for the past 11 or so years

“I thought a proper way to go out from my decade-plus at the theater would be to shoot a video that dramatized my last day,” Walsh says. “And of course, I got to equate leaving the job with falling to my death. You know, to keep it light. The theater let me tour for years and years so it’s been entwined with my music all this time.” To depict his goodbye, he has scenes of tearing apart his cubicle, faxing the words, “You’re coming with me,” shredding documents and more. See what it all leads to in the video, above.

No One Knows What Happens Next is out now, via Discrete Pageantry.