The Promise Ring Reunion Comes to a Close

[caption id="attachment_57595" align="alignnone" width="640"] Davey von Bohlen performs with the Promise Ring, September 2012. Photo: Daniel Boczarski/Redferns[/caption]

When emo heroes the Promise Ring announced their reunion late last year, the rumor mill started churning: would the string of festival and club dates the band be accompanied by a new album, their first since 2002's wood/water? What did this mean for frontman Davey Von Bohlen and drummer Dan Didier’s current band, Maritime?

As the band wound down its 2012 tour with a final festival gig at Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Fest last weekend, Hive caught up with Didier to get the details. Fans with hope that the Promise Ring would join contemporaries like the Dismemberment Plan in prepping new albums should consider that hope squashed.

“We are just robots playing songs that we used to play,” Didier said of the band’s current creative ambitions. “There’s no interest at all to write new music with us. We’re just doing our songs that people know and love. We definitely don’t need this band to fulfill the creative need that we may have -- we have other avenues. This is just, let’s do this, play these songs again to people who want to hear them, and have a good time doing it. That’s basically the alpha and omega of what this is.”

While Didier stopped short of saying that the reunion was finished as of the Fun Fun Fun Fest appearance, he also added that they have no intention of playing again. “I think this is basically it,” he said. “I’m not closing the book on it, but there’s no plan whatsoever. But I mean, if something comes up, we all know the songs again.”

As for Maritime, Didier explained that, while the Promise Ring reunion put the band on hold, it’s still an active project. “We’re still doing some stuff, but because of doing all this this year, we couldn’t spend as much time,” he said. “We’re still playing shows, and writing, but no plans for, like, another record or whatever.”

Watch the Promise Ring's video for "Emergency! Emergency!":