Rufus Wainwright on Supporting Obama and Fatherhood

Photo: Rufus Wainwright Facebook

The past couple years have been full of changes for Rufus Wainwright. The singer, who’d long courted an image as a libertine, settled into fatherhood and married life, as Wainwright married his partner Jörn Weisbrodt this past August in New York (earlier this year, he spilled the ceremony music to us). 2012 also saw the release of what may be his finest album, the Mark Ronson-produced Out of the Game. Hive recently caught up with Wainwright backstage at the Austin City Limits Festival to learn what all of these changes have meant to him, and why the self-professed Libertarian has had a change of political heart.

Your album came out earlier this year. Are you working on anything new yet, or are you still pretty focused on this one?

I’m pretty focused on this one still. There’s also a great film — my mother was an amazing songwriter, and she passed away three years ago from a rare form of cancer called saucoma. But we made a great film of her material called Singing the Songs That Say I Love You. It’s with Emmylou Harris, Norah Jones, Jimmy Fallon, and the whole family all singing her songs. It’s premiering at the New York Docs Fest in November, so we’re doing a lot of work around that, too.

You work in other media from time to time. Are you interested in doing more of that?

I’ve written an opera and a musical, yes. I’m always pretty versatile, as I think I must be in order to survive in this very, very dicey climate of the record business. It’s something I’d like to do more of, definitely, definitely. Especially considering I don’t have to do photoshoots in my mid-40’s [Laughs].

You’re a father now. How has that affected your songwriting?

I’ve written songs about my daughter, as I write songs about every aspect of my life. It’s just sort of what I do. It’s been amazing, although it’s a learning experience, of course. I would be a fool to make any general statements about it right now. She’s not even two yet, so it’s all new.

Watch the video for “Jericho”:

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