Jay-Z’s Five-Point Plan to Reelect President Obama

Photo: Bill McCay/FilmMagic

Hive Five: Our Daily Listicle of Musical Musings

Yesterday it was announced that Jay-Z will be skipping out of his lush (if possibly power-deprived) Tribeca pad to stump for President Obama’s re-election bid in Ohio. It’s not the first time Jigga has put his support behind the incumbent candidate. Here’s Jay’s five-point master-plan to securing Obama a second term in office.

1. Raise Funds!

Back in September, Jay-Z opened the no-doubt platinum-plated doors to his swanked-out 40/40 Club to hold a fundraiser for Barack Obama. Tickets were rumored to be $40,000 a pop and 100 were sold. The campaign war-chest duly bulged.

Photo: Beyonce.com

2. Voice Your Support!

As part of Obama’s reelection bid, Jay-Z agreed to slick-up in a suit and be filmed for a spot titled “The Power of Our Voice,” wherein he praised the President’s power to inspire hope.

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