Jay-Z's Five-Point Plan to Reelect President Obama

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Hive Five: Our Daily Listicle of Musical Musings

Yesterday it was announced that Jay-Z will be skipping out of his lush (if possibly power-deprived) Tribeca pad to stump for President Obama's re-election bid in Ohio. It's not the first time Jigga has put his support behind the incumbent candidate. Here's Jay's five-point master-plan to securing Obama a second term in office.

1. Raise Funds!

Back in September, Jay-Z opened the no-doubt platinum-plated doors to his swanked-out 40/40 Club to hold a fundraiser for Barack Obama. Tickets were rumored to be $40,000 a pop and 100 were sold. The campaign war-chest duly bulged.

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2. Voice Your Support!

As part of Obama's reelection bid, Jay-Z agreed to slick-up in a suit and be filmed for a spot titled "The Power of Our Voice," wherein he praised the President's power to inspire hope.

3. Select A Campaign Song!

Speaking on Cleveland's z107.9 radio station, Obama revealed that he likes to listen to Jay's "My 1st Song" as it reminds him to "always stay hungry." The President failed to specify whether he also appreciated the track's "Original Flavor" reference.

4. Stay In Touch!

As reward for his hard graft on the campaign trail, President Obama has given Jay-Z his super-secret cell-phone digits -- at least according to Jigga's raps. As he put it while closing out "On to the Next One": "M.J. at Summer Jam, Obama on the text."

5. Become BFFs!

In retweetingan Instagrammed list of reasons why he'll be voting for Obama and not Romney, Snoop Dogg showed why he's one of his generation's savviest if under-acknowledged political operatives. Point six of the pro-Obama round-up cuts straight to the point: “He’s BFFs with Jay-Z.” We’ll call it a landslide!

: "He's BFFs with Jay-Z." We'll call it a landslide!