Hive's Hip-Hop Halloween: Part 2

Today Hive returns to the world of hip-hop and Halloween. Yesterday we caught up with critically acclaimed artists like Waka Flocka Flame, Jean Grae, Asher Roth and Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire, and we asked them three important questions: What's your favorite candy? What's your all-time favorite costume? What's your favorite Halloween memory? Today we continue with Odd Future's Domo Genesis, MGK, Kreayshawn, Homeboy Sandman, Smoke DZA, Skyzoo and Riff Raff.

Artist: Domo Genesis

Favorite Candy: I would say Reese's Pieces, like a big ol' bag of 'em.

Favorite Costume: In college I was a nun and walked around with a 40 ounce bottle of beer.

Halloween Memory: You know how they have little monsters jump out at the scary farm? One year we went up there with a bunch of friends. I had one friend who was especially scared of things jumping out and scaring him so we made him walk first and we were pushing him through the maze, and the guy hops out from the service-side area and so my friend sticks his leg out and kicked him right in the nuts! We all got kicked out of the scary farm for that.

Artist: MGK

Favorite Candy: Fun Dip, 'cause you dipped then ate the stick. How convenient is that?

Favorite Costume: I was Axl Rose last year -- drunk and violent and getting away with it because I was Axl Rose!

Halloween Memory: I bought a hamster when I was 13 years old. I put him in a trick or treat pumpkin basket that I used to terrorize the little boys and girls every time they reached in it to grab candy when they came to my house.

Artist: Kreayshawn

Favorite Candy: Tootsie Rolls

Favorite Costume: Last year I was a Japanese schoolgirl, but like a murdered Japanese school, so I was like zombified. I just usually make up my costumes out of stuff I already have.

Halloween Memory: As a kid I remember they would have those rugs that you stepped on and they would scream. I remember those and how there would always be new things to scare you and stuff.

Artist: Skyzoo

Favorite Candy: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups -- it's candy from a different planet! It's such a great concept, it's a grand slam!

Favorite Costume: My favorite costume as a kid was Spiderman. I always wanted to be Rudy from Fat Albert but it's a tough costume to make, so Spiderman was my go-to costume.

Halloween Memory: When I was a kid Reese's Peanut Butter Cups had a commercial about how to eat one and put a hole in the middle without breaking the side. I remember me and my pops walking to the video store one day to rent Fat Albert video tapes and we bought a pack of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and he bet I couldn't do that. Sure enough, I bit right through the middle of it with my two buck teeth and he had to give me two quarters. I got two Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

Artist: Homeboy Sandman

Favorite Candy: I really love Sweet Tarts. They used to come in packs of three.

Favorite Costume: My ancient mummy costume, when I was seven years old.

Halloween Memory: In the back of the building where I grew up there were Halloween celebrations and there was always a best costume winner. Me and my mother were determined to get the prize so we decided I should be the Wolfman and have the hair coming out of my face. So my mother took rubber cement and put it all over my face and glued this fur all over my face! Not only did I not win but I had rubber cement all over my face -- it's scientifically proven you're not meant to put it on the face! It was horrible through the night: we needed alcohol astringent to get it off and it was like my face had been badly attacked by some sort of acidic force!

Artist: Smoke DZA

Favorite Candy: Strawberry Jolly Ranchers

Favorite Costume: N/A!

Halloween Memory: I hate Halloween! In my neighborhood Halloween was something where people either got arrested or got sliced. Halloween was never a holiday I celebrated 'cause it wasn't never something big in my household. But for my children right now, for Halloween we enjoy trick-or-treating.

Artist: Riff Raff

Favorite Candy: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and we'd freeze them. But sometimes my parents wouldn't let me eat it 'cause they said they put needles in the candy for the kids. I think they just wanted to eat all my Reese's 'cause if I left my whole bag of candy my parents would eat my Reese's and leave me the shitty candy like Sprees and shit like that. They would eat the chocolate ones.

Favorite Costume: I dressed up like a BB [gun bullet] one time. I had this big silver styrofoam thing and this silver spandex thing. People would ask what I am and it was like a turtle shell and I put all my arms and head inside and it was like a BB.

Halloween Memory: I used to skip school that day. I was in fourth or fifth grade and I'd do ghoulish things. We'd hang out by the river, wear masks and just wait for the sun to go down and we'd sneak into peoples' houses while they were serving candy and we'd get the whole bowl and throw it into our two big sacks. We'd have two big Santa Claus sacks of candy.

Images by Old Red Jalopy for MTV Hive