Hive's Hip-Hop Halloween: Part 1

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Welcome to Hive's Hip-Hop Halloween project, where we're asking a handful of our favorite artists tough Halloween questions: What's your favorite candy? What's your all-time favorite costume? And what's your favorite Halloween memory? Today we're kicking things off with a fantastic selection of critically acclaimed rappers, including Waka Flocka

Flame, Asher Roth, Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire, Sean Price, Pharoahe Monch, Kool Keith, and Jean Grae. Break out the candy corn and read up on these Halloween traditions.

Artist: Waka Flocka Flame

Favorite Candy: Them chocolate twizzly things, the Tootsie Rolls. It was the chocolate, man!

Favorite Costume: I used to put the Scream mask on and people would think I was gonna rob them!

Halloween Memory: We used to throw eggs at the peoples' cars and throw eggs at the city buses. We'd have egg fights at Halloween as a kid. During the egg wars it was all about making sure you got your cap on your head and keep your head low!

Artist: Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire

Favorite Candy: I wasn't allowed to eat candy until I was 14-years-old, but my favorite is Gummi Bears. I eat them every day to this day!

Favorite Costume: Donatello (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle).

Halloween Memory: I remember it was maybe second grade and I really wanted to go as Michelangelo, the Ninja Turtle. That's what everyone wanted to be that year. But when my mom went out to get the costume they were all gone; it was just Donatellos left. So that's what I went as. I remember it was made out of styrofoam, or whatever they made Ninja Turtle costumes out of back then.

Artist: Asher Roth

Favorite Candy: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, man! When you looked in the bag and you had some color, it was always a great feeling. I hated the people who gave out toothbrushes, that was always so strict and a stupid thing to do. I have a toothbrush at home; I don't have candy. I'm not a big hard-candy guy -- just give me that chocolate.

Favorite Costume: Jonathan Brandis who was in the movie Ladybugs. There's this female soccer team that's no good so they get this guy to play dressed as a woman, with the wig and everything. It's a great '90s flick.

Halloween Memory: Just sackin' that candy and knowing which houses had the king-size bars! You got to make a run-through first, find out where to get those king-size bars!

Artist: Sean Price

Favorite Candy: I'm not really a candy person, I was more of a cookie and cake kinda guy. I would take the bag of candy home and give it to my moms.

Favorite Costume: I had a devil mask, a Satan mask. But I didn't know about Halloween 'cause I was young. So my mom started to put my costume on but I ran in the room and took all my clothes off and put on the devil mask with the plastic part you tie in the back. I went outside. It was cool at first then everyone was like, "Yo, put some clothes on!"

Halloween Memory: When you're little, Halloween is good; when you're a teenager Halloween is bad 'cause you do some wild shit, a lot of felonies and shit. I remember they used to put batteries in socks and slap people with the sock, so I took eggs and froze them the day before and put them in the sock and slapped a kid with a sock full of frozen eggs. I slapped him so much the eggs defrosted! He had scrambled egg on his face!

Artist: Jean Grae

Favorite Candy: My favorite candy for Halloween purposes was the mini Krackel in the Hershey's assorted chocolate bag. However, having an older brother who knows that you love Krackel leads to him eating all of them (also the Mr. Goodbars and milk chocolate) and just leaving the stupid Special Darks. No one wanted those damn Special Darks. They're the equivalent of the licorice jelly bean. Get that the fuck out of here! As an adult, I love dark chocolate. But then? That shit was infuriating.

Favorite Costume: Ooh, definitely the Halloween party I threw at my house a few years ago. I was a giant WIC card, specifically the ODB album cover, but I changed the name, stuck my face in the middle and tied a trail of baby dolls to my ankles. I didn't consider the issues of, say, having to walk everywhere sideways, or not to turn too quickly or I would take someone out.

Halloween Memory: My absolute favorite memory is the one time my mom let me go trick-or-treating with my friends. I went to elementary school in the Village (P.S. 3) so most of my friends lived in that area. It wasn't about the candy, or the dressing up: It was more about the independence of being out. Of course, the Village is where you go for the Halloween parade and the best costumes, so the overall creativity level is always beautiful. However, it was the damn '80s and all we were worried about was getting candy or an apple with a razor blade in it. Thanks, '80s, for scaring the shit out of kids in such a menacing damn way. I broke all my candy into ridiculous tiny pieces so as to avoid the razor blades. Seems like a bad idea now, since if that was the case, I would have cut the fuck out of my fingers.

Artist: Pharoahe Monch

Favorite Candy: Candy corn -- it was the perfect blend of corn-starch and sugar.

Favorite Costume: Spiderman

Halloween Memory: So many good ones, but probably getting my first Spiderman Halloween costume and some candy corns. I was big into candy corns and my mom would give me a bag of candy corns at birthday time and Halloween. It was always candy corns. I remember trick or treating in my Spiderman outfit; I only really went for the Spiderman, I didn't want to be anything else, seriously.

Artist: Kool Keith

Favorite Candy: Candy corn. I liked the blend.

Favorite Costume: I used to always be in the Batman costume. It was that grey and blue, a sharp outfit. And it had a cape.

Halloween Memory: My Halloween was we used to throw boiled eggs. We would throw a lot of boiled eggs. [Laughs.] That was a long time ago.

Images by Old Red Jalopy for MTV Hive.