Riff Raff Will Drop a New Album Called 'Beer Before Breakfast'

[caption id="attachment_56585" align="alignnone" width="640"] Riff Raff at the 2012 VMAs in Los Angeles, September 2012. Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images[/caption]

After setting the real estate world ablaze with the listing of his legendary Hollywood condo earlier this year, Riff Raff is now firmly back in musical mode. Along with his Diplo-guided Mad Decent debut due out this winter and projects with producers Harry Fraud and Dame Grease, he's preparing to drop a "surprise" full-length titled Beer Before Breakfast. "It has a whole bunch of special guests on it and all new producers but I'm not gonna tell anyone who's on it," he tells Hive. "I'm just gonna drop it one day."

When pressed for details about the direction of the album, he adds, "It might have some country songs on it, it might have some rock 'n' roll songs, it might have some rap songs, some trap songs, cat songs, bat songs, all kinds of songs for the boys and girls of the continent."

As far as Riff Raff's own choice in early morning brews, he's surprisingly straight forward. "Corona's pretty good, Budweiser, too," he says. "And this thing called Carta Blanca, a Mexican beer, that's good."

Riff Raff recently hosted Hive's own Weird Vibes, live from the 2012 VMA's in Los Angeles. Watch below: