The Enduring Look of Morrissey: An Appreciation

[caption id="attachment_56537" align="alignnone" width="640"] Morrissey performs in Liege, Belgium, July 2012. Photo: Didier Messens/Getty images[/caption]

Johnny Rotten has kept up some form of spiky hair, Frank Black has remained rotund and bald and Robert Smith still wears smeared lipstick. It’s so comforting when some things never change, especially when it comes to our favorite alt-rock icons whose music has spanned several decades. While Morrissey is not nearly the skinny, pale waif he was in the early ‘80s, at 53, he's refreshingly still rocking some of the same attributes he had when the Smiths first emerged on the scene. Here are five unmistakable style trademarks he patented 30 years ago and has yet to shy away from.

1. The Pompadour

Or some call it a quiff. Either way, Moz’s ‘do may not be as thick and black as it used to be, but it’s still there. Graying and less unkempt than in his Smiths days, his hair still follows the James Dean school of style.

2. An exposed chest

Rather than the smooth mannequin torso he regularly flaunted in the '80s (see the "November Spawned a Monster" video) The Moz’s bust circa 2012 looks a lot more like your dad’s, but at least he’s still proud of it. He keeps his fuller, middle aged midriff tucked in for the most part, barring those inspired shows where he chooses to disrobe during the encore number and throw his silky button-down into the crowd. Let’s face it, Morrissey just wouldn’t look the same buttoned up, which brings us to his …

3. Shiny necklaces

Although he has never postured as particularly Christian, Morrissey favors large silver crosses around his neck and has in recent years been spotted donning a pendant of St. Anthony, the patron saint of lost causes.

4. Bushy brows

No matter that his hair is thinning and graying, his distinctively fuzzy brow is not. Can you imagine if he tried to tame them? His eyes wouldn’t be nearly as riveting without those black caterpillars to look out from under.

5. Large rings

If anything, Moz’s taste in rings has become clunkier and more fortune teller-esque. Just watch how he waves his hands around with a flourish during “Ouija Board, Ouija Board.” Mostly, the hand bling resides on his ring fingers … though none appear to signify any sort of matrimonial bond. And none are rubber.