Dan Snaith Shifts From Indie-Rock Mainstay to Dance Provocateur

Photo: Nitasha Kapoor

Every week or thereabouts, Mutant Dance Moves takes you to the shadowy corners of the dancefloor and the fringes of contemporary electronic music, where new strains and dance moves are evolving.

In the summer of 2009, American folk singer-songwriter Cortney Tidwell released the second single from her album, Boys. While Tidwell hails from Nashville, both the album and single only saw release via the German imprint City Slang. And while she often works with Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner, the single for “Watusii” featured two dance remixes, one from Simon Baker (the well-regarded British tech-house producer) and one from a new remixer known only as Daphni. “Her” remix of the song was an expansive, mesmeric ten minutes.

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