Five Bandleaders Besides Ben Gibbard Who Were Shy About Going Solo

Photo courtesy of Ben Gibbard Facebook

Hive Five: Our Daily Listicle of Musical Musings

After a decade and a half of fronting Death Cab for Cutie, singer/guitarist Ben Gibbard has only just now gotten around to releasing his first solo album, Former Lives. In this accelerated age, it seems like most successful bandleaders in his position would have tried out a solo scenario sooner; after all, DCfC already has seven albums under its belt, including a Number 1 record (2008’s Narrow Stairs) and a Platinum-seller (2005’s Plans), and the guy has already wooed, married, and divorced Zooey Deschanel. On some level one has to wonder why he waited this long to delve into solo life. But in Gibbard’s defense, let’s look at a few other famous rockers from different eras, who took their own sweet time in putting out an album sans bandmates. Clearly, he’s in great company … the results though, are mixed.

1. Mick JaggerShe’s the Boss

It took 23 years of standing in front of Charlie Watts before The Mighty Mick finally got the gumption to make a more individual statement. 1985’s She’s the Boss and its single “Just Another Night” did well, but one wonders whether Mick’s primary motivator was the inexplicable feeling that The Stones’ 1983 Undercover wasn’t quite ‘80s-sounding enough, or perhaps that he simply hadn’t yet explored eye makeup to its fullest potential.

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