Five Things Cat Power Instagrams About

Hive Five: Our Daily Listicle of Musical Musings

Cat Power has given up the ghost. She’s no longer the wounded old soul crooning in dimly lit bars. These days, the indie It Girl sounds and looks more brazen than ever. After chopping off her sultry brown locks then shaving what little was left into a shocking blonde mohawk, she’s shut out the darkness to bask in the light. With the August release of Sun, her most assured and radio friendly effort to date, we hear her baking out on the beach and taunting fans with all the trappings of modern production like vocoders and synths.

Beyond her funky new haircut, though, nowhere can the verve that so defines Sun be seen than on Chan Marshall’s Instagram feed. Going under the moniker Afasm, Marshall breathlessly captures in between moments spent with her beloved French bulldogs and whatever else brings her joy, from lifelong friends who cure “mystery allergies” to kitschy cult flicks from the '80s and '90s (she’s obsessed with Point Break). We’ve picked out five cool shots that follow a theme and reveal a warmer side to this notoriously reclusive artist, as the popular photo-sharing app is a fascinating window into her once closed-off life.

1. Her funky new haircut

2. Mexican food

3. Her hip-hop obsessions

4. Hazy beaches

5. Cute animals