Seattle's Witch Gardens Go Blind in "Faith in Me" Video -- Premiere

In many cases, the most effective way to test someone’s faith is to blindfold them and tell them to fall backwards with a small handful of compatriots -- mostly co-workers being forced to participate in team-building exercises -- gathered behind them. In the video for Witch Gardens’ “Faith in Me,” the oft-proclaimed “cutest band in Seattle” takes it one step further and spends an entire afternoon blindfolded in various member configurations and activities. In one scene, singer/guitarist Casey Catherwood is getting crossed over on the basketball court by a guy in a devil mask, blindfolded. In another, singer/autoharpist Karolyn Kukoski is driving her car down the street, blindfolded.

The video for “Faith in Me” -- the first single from Witch Gardens’ long-awaited debut album I’d Rather Be Alone (out Spring 2013 via Couple Skate Records) was directed by the band and shot on Kukoski’s “Pocket Wonder” camera, a gift from her mother from the Home Shopping Network. (Kukoski also edited all of the video’s shots.) They took their blindfolds to various locations in Seattle, including singer/bassist Beth Corry’s dining room, Madrona Beach, and a Central District playground the band lovingly refers to as “Future Park.” True to their playful, helter-skelter dynamic, each band member (with help from friend Rio Lakeshore) took turns shooting the other members and had a brainstorming session about which activities they should do blindfolded.

Witch Gardens also made new friends at the park while spinning themselves dizzy with their blindfolds on. “When we got there, we first shot us playing our instruments and there were two kids that wanted to be in the video in the blindfolds, but their mom said no,” singer/drummer Sara Beabout says. “But they still continued to dance and be in the shot and we ended up getting some pretty epic footage of that cute kid dancing. “

And the video’s more dangerous blindfolded activities -- also including Catherwood washing a huge kitchen knife wearing a blindfold -- weren’t even the most dangerous concepts they could think of. “I actually thought it might be realistic to have Karolyn get into a hideous car accident while blindfolded, spinning through traffic, crashing into me or Beth, sending our bloody bodies flying half way to the University District,” Catherwood says. “I would have loved to been able to hire a high profile stunt and special effects team to allow us to really amp up the gore factor in this video! Right in time for Halloween!”

Witch Gardens’ I’d Rather Be Alone will be out Spring 2013 via Couple Skate Records.