Dee-1’s Five Favorite Underground Rappers From New Orleans

Hive Five: Our Daily Listicle of Musical Musings

Lil Wayne might be the mainstream prince of the New Orleans hip-hop circuit, having made his way from child rap star in the Hot Boys to solo skateboarding pop figure, but the city’s rap realm runs deeper and more varied than Young Money’s tatted-up figurehead. Dee-1 is part of that hometown movement; his new mixtape, The Focus Tape is hosted by Cash Money icon Mannie Fresh and showcases the rapper spitting fierce while writing with a social conscience. So Hive asked Dee-1 to select five of his city’s grassroots heroes who also deserve a brighter spotlight.

1. Partners N Crime

I had to put them on there because to me, Partners N Crime are legends in New Orleans. They should have blow up much larger than they have. I reference their music in my music — for the song I got with Mannie Fresh and Juvenile, “The Man In My City,” I invoke one of their lines from “Up Early N the Morning.” Everyone in New Orleans knows Partners N Crime. “So Attracted,” is their latest hit.
2. Nutt Da Kidd

Nutt Da Kidd is with 50 Cent now. He used to be with [Lil Wayne’s] Young Money. He’s been around, but he’s a wildcard. He’s a real street rapper, but I got respect for him.

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