Perfume Genius Cross-Dresses in "Take Me Home" Video

Earlier this year singer-songwriter Perfume Genius performed "Take Me Home" for First Take, and now he's filmed an official clip for the song. The video follows Hadreas as a young cross-dresser, wearing pink high heels and an "E. Napalm" football jersey, as he navigates a truck-strewn Seattle industrial area near his house, poses against a wall and sits spread-eagle against a curb.

In an interview with Pitchfork, he said he wasn't entirely sure why he wanted to share it with the world. "To me, 'Take Me Home' carries a very desperate feeling," he said. "In the video, I'm walking around in a very hooker-y way -- and I can't really walk in heels. At one point, truckers were whistling at me, which was both awesome and nerve-racking." Of his dancing, he said he knew it looked silly, but "I'm still secretly hoping that I look kinda hot when I'm doing all these moves." The most revealing part of the interview, though, is when they ask him about the Twinkie-eating scene. While it looked like he ate just one, he confesses he consumed eight in a row. That's dedication to your craft.

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