Vitalic Noise Marry Unreleased Singles For 'Family Ties'

Warning: Few mixes will have you pining for the return of summer quite like Family Ties. The 30-minute set was put together by Vitalic Noise, a boutique artist management, publicity, and event production agency based in Los Angeles. This feel-good dance mix is dolloped with '80s radio nostalgia, packing in thirteen exclusive and mostly-unnamed tracks from their roster of disco-pop-leaning producers and DJs. “This mix is incredibly special to us, as it represents a new partnership with [Manager]Jerry Soer and our move into a full-time management company,” explains VN artist manager and DJ Justin Katerberg. “Most of the songs won't be released until 2013 so … it's kind of fun to track and see the buzz start building around some of them.” Between listening to the mix and reading the question-mark-riddled tracklist, what we can pick out is this: A two-step ready Good Night Keaton remix of “Maybe You,” Knightlife’s edgy disco original “I Want You,” and a power-pop remix of Viceroy’s “Chase Us Around.” “This is the only place in the world that fans of these artists can listen to these songs, for now, so the responses to these tracks are all being funnelled into one place,” Katerberg adds. As we fight through our post-summer hangover, we'll graciously take this holdover. [Details and RSVP for the Vitalic Noise CMJ launch party Thursday, October 18th in NYC here.]