Simian Mobile Disco's Favorite Dance Tracks of 2012

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Simian Mobile Disco are winding down with the year with a spacey new EP called A Form of Change. On it, the British dance duo experiment with a more downbeat sound, which is in part a reaction against the surge of EDM this year. “There’s a lot of huge, stadium dance music around -- especially in America -- and a lot of it drives me crazy,” co-producer James Ford told Hive. “I really don’t like it.” He’s more of a fan of the sleeker bass wobbles coming out of Europe right now. “I think British electronic music is amazing at the moment,” he added. Ford shared some of his favorite dance tracks of the year from electronic artists abroad.

1. MM/KM, “Birds Flying in the Sun Like U Know How”

I really like the new MMKM album. Mix Mup and Kaseem mosse join forces to make some properly wigged out club music. I think Nina Simone is in there somewhere!

2. Roman Flügel, “Cookie Dust”

One of the best and most consistent producers around, Roman Flügel

again delivers some classy melodic techno music here.

3. Bicep, “Vision of Love”

New kids on the block, but soon to be huge, Bicep recycle classic Jersey house to make this club smash.

4. Lone, “Crystal Caverns”

Coming across like an ADD 808 state, Lone has made one of the albums of the year with Galaxy garden. Inventive and vital. His new record is brilliant and it’s a throwback to early British, early ‘90s rave stuff but with a really modern twist.

5. Kuedo, “Ant City”

Kuedo somehow manages to fuse classic Vangelis atmospheres with ultra modern scatty 808 drums to make one of my favorite albums of the year.

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