Stream Kid Cedek's Reverberating "Clownin' In Da Trap"

Kid Cedek was recently donned Creative Loafing Atlanta's “Best Emigrant-Turned-Essential Local DJ" and we can see why. The new song from his forthcoming Circus Freaks EP, “Clownin' In Da Trap” combines his adopted-hometown's deep-seated trap tradition and more recent 140 BPM dancefloor-focused iterations. Over the deep half-time bass kicks and flurry of snares and hi-hats, Cedek borrows a moombahton-friendly bubbling synth and a winding big-room horn as the primary melodic elements. For lack of a better term, it's a trap cut, but not like one you would likely hear on hip-hop radio. “I played a very popular trap tune for some engineers at Stankonia studios and they were not impressed, they had the ‘we can do that’ mentality,” Kid Cedek recalls. “I think what’s going on [in the trap crossover scene] is great. It opens up minds that wouldn’t usually venture into the heavy bass community.”

Circus Freaks arrives as a limited-time free release on Elektro Daily October 10th, touting four original Cedek productions and six remixes from collaborators like Sazon Booya, ETC!ETC!, Aglory and more. [Download Kid Cedek's "Clownin' In Da Trap" here.]

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