Solange Knowles Heads to Cape Town for "Losing You" Video

Solange Knowles' 2009 album Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams was an ambitious journey for the younger Knowles sister; she traveled through 1960s soul with brassy funk instrumentals worthy of a faux-Motown reunion. It was her most successful commercial album to date, albeit highly underrated. Her new video for "Losing You" heads in a different direction and is a sophisticated blend of high fashion and choreography, shot entirely in Cape Town, South Africa. There's a noticeable '80s theme here: From its airy electro-soul, gregarious garb and overseas setting, Solange's video screams Duran Duran circa 1982 as she's dressed in impeccably tailored clothing, walking through the town with a bright bravado that's both confident and jovial. When Solange isn't dancing by herself, she's riding a bus and partying with the townspeople. That's quite a shift from the song's premise, which details love gone bad. Maybe she needed the time away to get over it. Or maybe she's just channeling her inner-Kevin Barnes.