Tame Impala Are Comfortable Being Lonely

Photo: Maciek Pozoga

Tame Impala’s sophomore album Lonerism follows the path carved out by their debut Innerspeaker, where romantic psych-rock guitars, quicksand kick-drums and explosive synths lend themselves to some rather fantastical day-dreaming. But pay close attention, and you’ll find that Lonerism explores love, self-alienation and the accompanying seclusion in ways that sound remarkably upbeat. Hive spoke with Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker about his own loner habits, the band’s interest in pop music and the notion of “people ambiance.”

Tame Impala often gets stamped with a druggy kind of association. Is that something that you’ve embraced or does it bother you?

Oh, no, it doesn’t bother us at all. I don’t like to think that there’s any connection between drugs and our music. Our music is pretty washed out and dreamy and so the sound of our music reminds people of that whole brain-trip thing, if only by association. The music has the same effect on people as drugs and so they draw parallels. It’s totally a compliment. It means that we’ve succeeded in making music that makes people feel weird.

“Solitude is Bliss” was one of your biggest songs off of Innerspeaker and the new album’s name is Lonerism. Would you describe yourself as a loner?

Yeah, I guess so. I guess my whole thing is that I’m trying not to be. But I think that I’m just trying to glorify being a loner for myself so I don’t feel so bad about it. I don’t know what it’s like for other people but for me it’s kind of like, um, difficult. You know, I love being around other people, but it’s really tiring. I don’t have the energy to be around a lot of people. It’s just easier to be alone.

Watch the video for “Elephant” below:

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