Maya Jane Coles Spins for ENTER.

For Richie Hawtin's (a.k.a Plastikman) season-ending ENTER. party in Ibiza last week, London-based DJ and producer Maya Jane Coles was tapped as the headliner. The selection was fitting, not only because of Maya’s Japanese heritage (ENTER. is described as a fusion of “music, technology, and Japanese Sake”), but because much like autumn itself, there is something light and crisp about her sets. Her remix of Little Dragon’s “Ritual Union,” for example, is an exciting exercise in dissonance, Yukimi Nagano’s soothing vocals complementing Maya’s plucky rain drop production beautifully. Ame’s remix of “Howling” has a similar affect, with a Radiohead-esque combination of flat-but-emotive coos and an ambling bass line. The mix is romantic, no doubt the product of a well-timed womanly touch. [Stream Maya's ENTER. set below, and view the tracklist here.]