Watch Grizzly Bear's Dreamy "Yet Again" Video

We've all had crazy nights, but probably nothing like the one depicted in the dreamy new Grizzly Bear video for "Yet Again." The clip was commissioned as a part of the Creators Project and features a young figure skater gliding along an ice pond, sticking a few lands, before falling through. From there things get weird: she wanders through a carnival, hitches a ride home from an old man and finds her room transformed into some sort of violent wind tunnel. The song's raging guitar chords wrap around cascading drum cymbals for an upbeat mixture, which syncs well with the video -- the last scene, especially. The instruments begin to unravel, just as the winds churn and our wandering skater loses her cool. Talk about petulance.

Grizzly Bear's new album, Shields, is out now on Warp. Check out photos from their recent Radio City Music Hall show here.