Deep Time Indulge in Ice Cream and Misdemeanors in "Coleman" Video

“Going home is boring,” sings Deep Time’s Jennifer Moore in the second line of “Coleman,” one of the standout tracks from the Austin, TX duo’s astoundingly catchy self-titled LP. Being as though loneliness and boredom are two of the major themes in both the song and youth in general, it’s fitting that the video for it features Moore and Deep Time bandmate/hair twin/BFF Adam Jones wandering around Brooklyn together like restless teenagers. And whose adolescence didn’t include Super 8 footage of zebra-painted pickups and cactus drawings?

Much like the tune’s bite-sized, intricately weaved song structures, the Elizabeth Skadden-directed video for “Coleman” captures an entire summer afternoon in just under three-and-a-half minutes, featuring intercut shots of Jones and Moore picking up cones from an ice cream truck, having fun with shaving cream, and indulging in a little misdemeanor activity before jumping into an almost-moving van at the video’s end. "I wanted to have a scene of Deep Time spraypainting, as this is a common aimless kid activity," Skadden tells Hive. "In order to keep from being arrested on a Friday afternoon, I thought to use shaving cream instead of spray paint."

While ice cream and shaving cream stand-out, Skadden says most of the visual inspiration came from the juxtaposing landscapes in her neighborhood of Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. "I had seen that abandoned building near the park and the strange house on the edge of the construction site and wanted to use them," she says. "Being in the space gives you ideas of how they can be used visually, such as the part where Adam and Jennifer are lying in the grass, and when they get up you see the abandoned building behind them. That space has always interested me because it's this pastoral baseball field with an industrial wasteland hulking behind it." And in this instance, there's not a cop to be seen. 

Deep Time is out now on Hardly Art.