In-N-Out Burger and Hip-Hop: A Quick Primer

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Forget all this locavore posturing -- sometimes all the hallowed regions of your stomach really want is a simple fast-food burger. When it comes to the art of the pounded sandwich, many burger fans think In-N-Out Burger might just be the kings of the patty game. Here's our choice for the five best rap tracks that pay homage in some form to the West Coast-based chain.

1. Childish Gambino, "Not Going Back"

Trust Donald Glover's rapping alter-ego to coin a reference to In-N-Out Burger's hush-hush secret menu. "I'm just happy these girls seem into me now, yeah/ They looking for some in-n-out animal style," he raps, before moseying off with his mustard-cooked beef patty.

2. K.Flay, "Gucci Gucci (Remix)"

Bay Area-to-Brooklyn rapper K.Flay likes In-N-Out Burger so much she decided to shoot a remix of Kreayshawn's "Gucci Gucci" in one. She should team up with Angel Haze and get into the burgeoning female rapper franchise game.

3. Tyga, "Get Silly (Freestyle)"

Buyer beware: If Tyga turns up with your order, he might be looking for a tip of the non-monetary type: "You didn't hear it when I deliver/ Like fast food burgers/ In-N-Out burgers/ In and out yo sis, brother."

4. Andre Nikatina feat. Mac Dre, "Cadillac Girl"

Bay Area veteran Andre always keeps his order pared down while posting up at the counter. As he puts it, "Did just that at In-N-Out Burger/ No pickles, no onions, no playing."

5. Murs, "Animal Style"

A skillfully penned tale about the societal pressures of youthful gay love, the climax to MURS's rap goes down at the In-N-Out Burger outpost where main character Jonathan works. A harrowing side-order ensues.