Oh No Is Inspired by European Raves on "Let's Go"

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"My inspiration for "Let's Go" happens to be a crazy party overseas in Europe," says the Californian-based rapper Oh No of his new track. "I walked into a big-ass rave with fire torches, tents, thousands of people getting drunk, no police, no problems -- just everybody having a grand time." Pumping along with a rugged-but-funky groove, "Let's Go" is produced by Chris Keys, who Oh No maintains he first met while on tour during the Icelandic volcano eruptions of summer 2010. "I needed a safe place to get away from the ash particles and it just so happens his music was loud enough for me to use as a source beacon," he says. That fortuitous meeting proved creatively fertile, with the duo deciding to record a full-length collaboration together. Appropriately titled Ashes, it's set to drop on October 23rd, and if Oh No has any input then the launch festivities could prove to be quite the shindig. Asked to describe his ultimate party, he says it's one that involves "lots of herbal jazz cigarettes,  a three-to-one female ratio, and vodka and ayahuascha shots." Bottoms up!

Stream "Let's Go" below: