Drop the Lime Spins Rockabilly Electro

For nearly six years, New York City-based music imprint Trouble & Bass have been rattling speakers with their style of shadowy electronica. Recently, though, the imprint went through a sort of rebranding. "We are expanding our musical released beyond strictly club/dj-oriented sounds ... and expanding our merchandise with prints that revolve beyond our logo," T&B captain Drop the Lime tells Orlando-based blog Smile for Camera. "Everything is still dark and dangerous of course." Dark and dangerous indeed: the flyer for their anniversary party in Brooklyn next Friday (featuring Nadastrom, Mike Q and T&B resident AC Slater) has a serious satanic vibe. But these noir-bass troubadours aren't always glummy; in this exclusive mix for Smile for Camera, Drop the Lime peppers rockabilly guitar loops and choked horn samples with jukey bass kicks. The couple swing tracks that close out this 25-minute set make for a nice eclectic touch too. [Stream Drop the Lime's mix for Smile for the Camera here.]