Five Folk Albums to Fall for This Fall

Simon Joyner and his band. Photo: Zach Hollowell

Face it folks – the days of sunbathing and barbecues are over until next year, and the fall is finally upon us. Since there’s no denying it, we might as well all set ourselves up with some appropriately autumnal music to make our way through the season in style. After all, continuing to ignore the calendar and playing your Beach House album on endless repeat just becomes sad after a certain point. And if you’re after the right musical mood to help you navigate the days of descending auburn leaves and the nights of renewing your relationship with your fuzzy slippers and down comforter, one of the most likely places to look is underneath the wide umbrella broadly tagged “folk,” for its combination of lyrical introspection and moody melodies. Here’s a handful of new releases that cut a wide swath across the stylistic spectrum but still offer enough of a folkie flavor to help you make it from here to the holiday season with your soul unscathed.

1. Simon JoynerGhosts

Omaha troubadour Simon Joyner is celebrating the 20th year of his recording career with an ambitious double album that not only reiterates his status as the indie Leonard Cohen but tweaks the alt-folk recipe by tossing some tart, twisted post-punk influences into the mix, sort of like wrapping a delicately handcrafted gift in razor wire — you might be a little bloody when all is said and done, but what you’ve gained will be worth it. Out now on Sing, Eunuchs!/Ba Da Bing Records.

Stream “Vertigo”:

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