Dirty Projectors Contemplate Death in "About to Die" Video

Quixotic pop critical darlings Dirty Projectors couldn’t be content releasing just one collection of haunting and jubilant post-indie-rock collages this year, so they're repackaging one of the album's catchier (and more morbid) numbers with three previously unreleased tracks for a new vinyl and digital EP, About to Die. Better yet, they've also made a video for the title track, which boasts some bouncy, almost reggae-like drums and sublime harmonies by vocalist-guitarist Amber Coffman. The imagery comes from the group's "Hi Custodian" longform clip, directed by frontman David Longstreth, but with "About to Die," context is everything.

Set atop what looks like luxurious California rooftops and, apparently, in Longstreth's deathbed, the surrealist clip shows him in various states, including one particularly sullen mug on Longstreth as his body is carted around in the back of a semi as it traverses a dusty field. There are some shots of the band in costume, including one bassist Nat Baldwin in a red tracksuit and another of vocalist Haley Dekle wearing what looks like a habit the Flying Nun would envy. Then, of course, there's the string section, bikini-clad women and religious-looking men. It may seem like a strange party-like atmosphere for someone who is knocking on heaven's door, but we should be all so lucky to have this setting when the reaper comes.

About to Die comes out November 6 via Domino.

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