Watch Five Killer Led Zeppelin Performances


Photo: Michael Ochs Archives

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After teasing fans with a mysterious Facebook countdown for five days, Led Zeppelin finally revealed what it was they were counting down to. A reunion? A tour? A hard-light hologram of John Bonham pounding the skins at Coachella? Or just a reminder that the band actually did reunite — for one night only — in 2007, and that you weren’t there?

As it turns out, it’s the latter: Celebration Day, a concert film of that lone reunion date five years ago, was officially announced with both a theatrical and DVD release. And while that may be a little underwhelming given the fanfare, remember two things. One, it’s been nearly a decade since Led Zeppelin released anything at all, and beggars can’t be choosers; and two, even when it’s just on film, Zeppelin is one of the most compelling live bands of all time. Need proof? Here’s five killer Zep videos.

1. “Dazed and Confused,” Royal Albert Hall, 1970

10 solid minutes of rocking out, Robert Plant howling like Banshee from the X-Men, and absolutely riveting noodling from Jimmy Page (often with a violin bow, because he is that good). Proof that jam bands could be explosive rock bands, once upon a time.

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