Bethany Cosentino on Her Role as Music Supervisor for 'Awkward'

If the music selections in tonight's episode of Awkward seemed anything but, it's because they were chosen by guest music supervisor Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast. In the video above, she says getting songs like Blouse's "darker, angstier" "Into Black" and Veronica Falls' "rocker, tough-girl" "Bad Feeling" to fit isn't as easy as it seems. In fact, it's like "making a really intense mixtape."

"After doing this for Awkward I'm realizing that [music supervision] is not just about picking some random song that you like," she explains. "You have to blend these two things together and it's definitely a tough job."

One song that made the cut is Best Coast's "My Life," which, Cosentino wants you to know, she did not pick herself. Nevertheless, she says, "It works really well in this episode because Jenna is trying to figure out if she can go back in time and redo it with both of the guys, what would have happened." Then later she jokes, "I'm gonna cry to my own song?"

As for why she picked whom she picked, Cosentino says she went for groups who are friends or bands who aren't receiving the recognition they should. Despite the harder aspects of picking who of her friends should go where, she says she's happy with how it turned out. "I really enjoyed doing it," she says. "If another show that I really liked asked me to help out with music supervising -- or even if Awkward wanted to have me back -- I would definitely do it."

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