Five Must Hear Grizzly Bear Remixes

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Next Tuesday, Grizzly Bear release their fourth album Shields and, as you may have gathered from streaming it, it’s a fantastic follow up to 2009’s Veckatimest. And while we find their mellow strumming and lush melodies always captivating, there's more than a few folks out there that are keen on turning Grizzly Bear into something with a harder bite. Here's five of our favorite remixes over the years that show the group in a new light.

1. “Knife (Girl Talk Remix)”

Gregg Gillis, aka Girl Talk, is the master of unlikely combinations that work, but look awfully wonky on paper. Take his remix of Grizzly’s tender breakup song “Knife,” in which Droste croons backup to Slim Thug and Clipse’s “Wamp Wamp (What It Do)” and the refrain from Ying Yang Twins’ “Jigglin”: it’s not even laughable when Droste harmonizes over “ass jigglin’.”

2. “Two Weeks (Rodway Remix)”

Here’s another club-ready reworking from dubstep producer Rodway, whose bright take on “Two Weeks” preserves more of Droste’s harmonies.

3. “Campfire (Efterklang Remix)”

On the other side of the Grizzly spectrum, Efterklang find a way to make the group sound even more cavernous with their strings-laden remix of “Campfire.” The Denmark indie outfit, who first released Grizzly Bear’s debut Horn of Plenty via their imprint Rumraket, lift the otherwise sunken vocals and finish with trombone fanfare.

4. “Cheerleader (Neon Indian ‘Studio 6669’ Remix)”

Neon Indian’s Alan Palomo puts his kaleidoscopic spin on “Cheerleader;” Psychic Chasms fans rejoice.

5. “Easier (DJ Alternative Remix)”

DJ Alternative has a spacier take on Grizzly Bear, adding on a snare beat and funneling through the main guitar chords through a ring of reverb. It’s the slinkiest the group has sounded.

Shields is out September 18 via Warp.

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