Watch the Music Tapes Dreamy Video for “S’Alive to Be Known (May We Starve)”

Things you’ll find in the video for the Music Tapes’ new single “S’Alive to Be Known (May We Starve)": A toad with a banjo, the inner workings of a metronome, a lighthouse, rabbits riding on a goat-led sleigh, and frontman Julian Koster singing on a beach in a knit nightcap and a pajama button-down. Despite the dreamlike quality of the sepia-tinted collage, Koster tells Hive that the video, directed by former Spinto Band member Albert Birney, is anchored in reality. “It was filmed in places I love and have lived in like Nantasket, Mass., Athens, Ga., New York, and in Rural Delaware where our bandmate Thomas lives. Some of the objects and images that may seem vintage are actually just things or objects that are a part of the Music Tapes world: the sailor playing the white sousaphone is Robby from the Music Tapes and the Sousaphone is one of the horns he plays. The tower with the wooden arms coming out of it is our Organ Playing Tower. The wonderful footage of the swaying Elephant was actually filmed by Robby in person (at a preserve). A lot of these things actually have come over time from family (my grandmother's basement especially) -- and junk stores too.” Business as usual for the Music Tapes.