Watch Mellowhype's "La Bonita" Video

The mysterious shenanigans of Earl Sweatshirt and critical overload on Frank Ocean hogs the Odd Future spotlight these days, but that hasn't stopped the rest of the crew from releasing a stream of fresh music. Today's offering comes courtesy of Mellowhype, the team-up of Hodgy Beats and Left Brain, who've dropped "La Bonita," the lead single from their upcoming album Numbers (out 10/9). The song's somewhat on the Latin tip; the black-and-white flick stars a pelican (possibly stuffed), a monkey (definitely alive), name-drops "Salsa, cha-cha, blah blah," and features leopard-print shorts clearly inspired by A$AP Rocky's back-to-school fashion guide.

Numbers arrives 10/9 on Odd Future Records.