Watch Five Great Musical Moments From ‘Breaking Bad’

Photo: Ursula Coyote/AMC

 Hive Five: Our daily listicle of musical musings

With AMC’s New Mexican masterpiece Breaking Bad  winding down this weekend, it seems with each passing episode like anti-hero Walter White, the former chemistry teacher/cancer survivor turned undisputed meth kingpin of the southwest, is inching closer to a seriously violent denouement. Earlier this summer, we caught up with music supervisor Thomas Golubić, where he told us the ins and outs of how music gets paired with certain scenes. As the season coming to a close this Sunday evening, we chose our five favorite musical moments from its five stellar seasons.

1. Stay Out of My Territory (TV on the Radio, “DLZ”)

Walter’s journey from chemistry teacher to bad-ass cartel head didn’t happen overnight, and this chilling sequence from season two proved to be a pivotal step in that transformation. After Walter had temporarily given up the meth game, he crosses paths with two opportunistic young men at a Home Depot-esque store as they gather materials for an RV cook operation. Suddenly, Heisenberg takes over, and Walter grimly orders the two would-be cooks to vacate his little corner of the ABQ. This scene wouldn’t have be nearly as memorable without TV on the Radio’s harrowing slow burn “DLZ” acting as the soundtrack, complete with lyrics that give Walter a catchy second nickname: “Never you mind, death professor … eyes could be diamonds confused with who’s next.”

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