Sleigh Bells Ponder Dying Love in "End of the Line" Video

Sometimes we need to see unreasonably good-looking people letting down their guard and mourning a relationship to be reminded that everyone can feel unloved. Today's entry comes via Sleigh Bells’ video for “End of the Line,” co-directed by guitarist Derek Miller and Gregory Kohn, who’s worked with the group before on “Comeback Kid” and “Demons.” In this melancholic reality check, vocalist Alexis Krauss grieves over a breakup in both the woods and a candlelit bedroom while Miller pedals away from suburbia on a BMX bike. The pair never appear in a shot together, and Krauss is sadder and softer than we’ve ever seen her, as she’s traded in her leather and spikes for a gauzy high-collared nightgown. The suggestion that she might not always handle breakups with her usual badass edge makes us love her more.