Deniro Farrar Opens Up With Tree on "God Listens"

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"I almost came to tears writing that song," says the North Carolina-based artist Deniro Farrar of "God Listens," a new track that has him and guest rapper Tree opening up their hearts about the people and events of their past. The track conjures up a redemptive vibe thanks to the mix of church-style organ lines and a rolling drum machine beat and immediately hits a tender note, not least when Deniro drops consecutive lines musing on having a mom "free from dope" and also confessing "it feel good knowing I'm an uncle." As Deniro recalls, when Tree sent him the song it already contained the hook, so all he had to do was "talk about the emotional and close events that happened in my life, especially as Tree has the soulful sound and that pain in his voice." Next up from Deniro will be a tag-team mixtape with East Oakland rapper Shady Blaze and a full-on solo project, but for now sit back and soothe your weary soul with "God Listens."

Stream and download "God Listens" below: