Grimes Brings Out the Samurai Swords in the "Genesis" Video

There will come a time when Grimes’ Claire Boucher can no longer out-weird herself but, for now, we have the music video for “Genesis,” where she comes damn near close. Moving from the desert to the palm-tree lined boulevards of Los Angeles, Boucher brings her zaniest interpretive dance moves, samurai swords, a stretch limo, an albino snake that first appears from her bleached long pigtails, and a clownish white zip up with a Sailor Moon collar to the magical realist video. But, even with that setup, Boucher is a nearly sober sight among her art kid posse, which includes absurdist L.A. rapper Brooke Candy stomping around with a seaweed-like tangle of pink braids, while decked out in a futuristic, metallic bondage suit and brick-soled creepers. It’s a five-minute-long visual feast that’d overwhelm any aesthete -- but, for that same reason, you can’t look away.