The Kills Writing New Songs, Eyeing Studio This Fall

[caption id="attachment_49955" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="The Kills in New York City, February 2012. Photo: Rene Cervantes for MTV Hive"][/caption]

There’s been a lot of action on the Kills front over the last year or two. The British/American duo found the biggest success of its career so far with the unveiling of Blood Pressures in 2011, and February of this year saw Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince setting out on a series of live dates that marked their 10th anniversary of playing together (including a Live in NYC gig for Hive). And now there’s a Kills photo book, Dream and Drive, documenting the band’s entire career, set for a September 4 release.

Still, the only new music we’ve really heard from the Kills since Blood Pressures has come in the form of covers: the Velvet Underground, Marilyn Monroe, and Patsy Cline songs they tackled on the February single “The Last Goodbye” and their version of “Dreams” on the recent all-star Fleetwood Mac tribute album, Just Tell Me That You Want Me. But for fans fretting over the ETA of new Kills material, guitarist Jamie Hince has some words of comfort.

Quizzed about whether the Kills have any songs in the works for a new record, Hince admits, “We do, but we haven’t touched on the sound of it. It’s just stuff we’ve written on acoustic guitar. I love just sitting around playing guitar -- it’s not like a job for me, so there’s always a few things coming up. Between us, we’ve got certain songs, we just have to sit down and concentrate on what to do with the songs, really.” From what Hince says, it sounds like the Kills might already have enough raw material to make up the bulk of an album, but there are still some X factors involved. “It’s hard to know what really are the complete songs until we’re in the studio,” he explains, “but I’ve got four or five songs, and Allison’s probably got the same.” In terms of a time frame for a follow-up to Blood Pressures, Hince was at least willing to toss off a guess. “We’ve got a few more shows this summer,” he says. “Then we’re looking at starting writing properly in September, and the rest of the year will be taken up by that. And hopefully we’ll be in the studio and done by the end of the year.” In the meantime, at least Kills fans will have those cover tunes to keep their ears occupied and the photo book to feast their eyes on.

Pre-order Dream and Drive here and watch the Kills perform "Baby Says" for Hive's 'In My Room,' filmed in March 2011 in Austin, Texas: