Lightning Love Wrestle With Adulthood on 'Blonde Album'

[caption id="attachment_49839" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Lightning Love. Photo: Doug Coombe"][/caption]

The world has no shortage of breakup albums, but Ypsilanti, Mich., jangle-twee outfit Lightning Love have found a fresh way to contribute to the growing list. Their sophomore set Blonde Album documents the real-life love blemishes of singer and songwriter Leah Diehl, where despondent lyrics and french horn riffs are offset by sweet melodies and Diehl’s cuddly vocals. The album's a collection of finely produced songs that touch upon timeless issues of growing up, such as feeling aimless (“Deadbeat”) or trying to stay friends with an ex (“Awkward”). "This was written at a time when I was angry and confused and [I was] trying to figure out where I was supposed to be in life, a mid-twentysomething without a job or goals," Diehl tells Hive. "It’s difficult for me to say things that aren’t true. There’s lots of songs about how I’m really mad at guys. I really like pop music and I play keyboard so it’s hard for me to write a really angry song. My voice is really high and sweet and it’s good to balance it out with heavier, darker lyrics. I might not be saying aggressive things but you can hear that I’m not happy."

Blonde Album is out 8/28 on Quite Scientific. Stream it below: