Watch DUMBO Summer Friday With Bosco Delrey, Zambri, Prince Rama and Javelin

It's summer. It's Friday. It's a Summer Friday! That means you can leave work early, soak up the sun early and pass out early -- OR break your routine and hit up DUMBO Summer Friday, courtesy of DUMBO Improvement District, O Music Awards Unboxed, L Magazine and Northside.

DUMBO Summer Friday is a day of free fun for the residents of Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighborhood (and beyond!), to be sure, and since OMA is involved, it’s going to be replete with music and tech goodness. Think of it as a kind of extension of the O Music Awards’ new Unboxed live series, which mingles music, tech, art and interactivity into one great party. DUMBO Summer Friday will feature music from Javelin, Prince Rama, Zambri and Bosco Delrey, as well as DJ sets by the band Silent Drape Runners.

Can't make it to the festivities? Luckily for you, you can watch the whole thing live right here, from 2pm EST to 9pm EST.