Greg Dulli Found Inspiration From Hall & Oates for a Supremes Cover

Greg Dulli The Afghan Whigs

The Afghan Whigs reunion announcement set fire to the hearts of fans of the weirder, darker side of ‘90s alterna-rock. The Cincinnati combo’s beloved mix of tortured psychodrama, effortless suave-guy posturing, and well-placed reinterpretations of other artists’ soul and rock masterpieces touched a nerve that even frontman Greg Dulli’s follow-up project, the Twilight Singers, could rarely reach. At the onset of the Whigs’ reunion tour, Dulli sat down for an episode of The Hivecast with Matt Pinfield to talk about the band’s early days, getting back together, and wearing his influences on his sleeve, both for the band’s originals and its choice of covers. “I liked a lot of styles of music, and I started to mash them together,” Dulli explains. “Country, country blues. I like soul music. I like heavy metal, I like punk rock. I felt a lot more free to explore. We did a cover of ‘The Temple’ from Jesus Christ Superstar, which raised some eyebrows at Sub Pop.”

Those influences ranged from the hip to the square, which Dulli managed to work into something uniquely his – and uniquely cool. “We did ‘My World Is Empty Without You,’ the Supremes cover that we put out,” he says. “I’ve never told anybody this before, but I kind of lifted the musical idea from ‘Maneater’ by Hall & Oates. It’s the ‘Maneater’ pump! ‘You, sir, are no Daryl Hall!’” Listen to the rest of the podcast to learn how the Whigs reunited and what songs they’re taking with them on the road this time out. [Download & subscribe to the Hivecast via iTunes.]

The Hivecast With Matt Pinfield: Greg Dulli