Green Day Invite Girls Back to Their Practice Space in "Oh Love"

What do Green Day do when they're just hanging around their practice space? Watch as sexy ladies in sparkly tops and truly impressive heels snuggle with one another, mostly -- at least, if the just-released video for the band's "Oh Love" is a trustworthy document of an ordinary night in the life of the Green Day fellas, anyway.

From within the band's (heavily-tagged) space, as they jam on the hooky single, a good half-dozen women make eyes at one another, the band, and the camera. After they're done rocking out, things aren't as scandalous as you might expect, though -- Billy Joe and a be-mohawked young lady seem more interested in re-enacting the spaghetti-eating scene from Lady and the Tramp -- so it's safe to say that Green Day remain as unpredictable as ever.

Green Day’s ¡Uno! is out 9/25 via Reprise.