Curren$y Doesn't Have an Airline, But He'd Still Like to Offer You a Refreshment

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When Curren$y talks about being "sky high," it's easy to guess what he means. But despite the New Orleans-based rapper and Jet Life crew captain rep as a full-time weed hound-- and moving past the fact that he's just released an album titled Stoned Immaculate -- today he's talking to Hive about what his own airline would consist of. It should be noted however, that his love of marijuana probably has a lot to do with the planned snack menu for Jet Life Airlines. Hive chatted to him about classic New Orleans rap cover art, girls getting naked in the crowd at his shows, and Jet Life Air's so very demanding flight attendant interview process.

What have you been up to today?

I'm good, I'm on the tour bus. We just got off a flight earlier.

Do they fly you first class these days?

Nah, they don't give me that! I mean, if I pay I can fly first class, but I'm fine with whatever. I can deal with it. I've had upgrades sometimes, but that's it.

If Jet Life were to launch an airline, what would it be like?

A Jet Life airline would have ice cream sandwiches on the menu. And not just one ice cream sandwich on the flight, but like two or three ice cream sandwiches to eat on each flight. There would be a constant snack service. We'd also have in-flight movies, like 25 movies that are all the newest action and horror and drama and you can pick whichever ones you want. And there would be Beats by Dre headphones for everyone, like built into the headset, so every passenger can listen to [the movies] like that.

Would you employ anyone famous as a flight attendant?

Nah, no one famous. I'd do a search for flight attendants and I'd interview them all and I'd hand pick them. I wouldn't need any famous people -- unless they're buying tickets for the flight. But I would have famous people patronize my airline.

What would you look for in a Jet Life flight attendant?

Obviously she needs to be attractive -- that has to be one of her big assets -- but I'd need to interview them all and work out how her mind works. I need to know she's clean and the type of person who is mentally strong enough to deal with the type of clientele that would be coming on my airline. She would have to be a strong-minded individual.

Would there be a smoking section on Jet Life Air?

The whole plane would be a smoking section! I didn't think you were even going to need to say that! Yeah, we'd light up and have the whole plane a smoke out.

What's been your worst experience on another airline?

The worst was when [Young] Roddy threw up in a bag -- you know, like in the paper bag they give you. I'd never seen anyone use that before but then they put us in a holding pattern over New Orleans and he'd been travel sick the entire flight and it was took much and he thew chunks.

So do you avoid sitting next to Young Roddy on airplanes now?

Nah, he's all good now.

You grew up in New Orleans. Were you more of a Cash Money or No Limit fan?

It was different, like No Limit or Cash Money at different times and different eras. It was different things I'd listen to them for, which is why I think I'm able to hustle with both of those camps now.

Which Cash Money or No Limit album had the best cover art?

Big Tymers' How You Luv That, Soulja Slim's Give It 2 'Em Raw. And then there was one that wasn't by No Limit, it was on Poe Boy Entertainment, and it was a CD and a movie and it was Pen & Pixel doing this drawing of diamond and Rolexes and champagne everywhere.

[caption id="attachment_49223" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Two of the best No Limit and Cash Money album covers ever, according to Curren$y."]Big Tymers Soulja Slim[/caption]

Would you consider hiring Pen & Pixel to do one of your album covers?

Nah, 'cause that was their time. I wouldn't use them now. But I might get them to do like something different, like for a special project or something.

As you're on tour at the moment, what song do you perform that makes the crown go the craziest?

"Famous." I don't know the proper terms or the production jargon, but the bass tone tool on that beat is stupid. They make the speakers shake and you can feel the vibrations and the crowd love that one.

And what sort of wild behavior do you see in the crowd?

Naked chicks in the crowd. Always.

Which city has the best naked Curren$y fans?

Man, I don't know, man! As of late, I'd say Washington DC. In that town they definitely had girls that had what they needed in the rack department.

Do any of the girls that get naked in the crowd get to come back stage?

I can't talk about that… [Pauses.] Yeah, they get invited back stage and they get to hang out for snacks and refreshments.

The naked girls go backstage for snacks and refreshments?

Yeah, snacks and refreshments. That's what goes on.

Curren$y's Stoned Immaculate and Curren$y & Harry Fraud are out now via Jet Life Recordings.

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