Stream Throwing Up's New Song "Snake"

When we last checked in with UK punk-pop outfit Throwing Up, they were delivering hard-charging, danceable tracks in under three minutes. They’ve remained true to that song length, since, and the trio of Camille Benett, Claire James Clare, and Ben Rayner find new ways to utilize it in this new slow burner “Snake.” Roping in their cymbals, keeping the vocals on-key, and limiting the squall to a melancholic guitar solo halfway through the song, the love track is a smoother production that fills its space just as well. Their refined sound allows for Benett’s vocals to carry farther, too, and for her lyrics to hit harder, like the refrain, “And I’m calling you a snake / As I follow you down the drain/ And I’m calling you a fake, as I follow.” “The song is about a boy that I thought was a bit of a shit and the nature of crushing,” Benett tells Hive. But, while crushes might be fleeting, Throwing Up has staying power.