Rapper Chains Better Than 2 Chainz's Two Chains

Hive Five: Our Daily Listicle of Musical Musings

This week, the professional guest verse artist 2 Chainz released his debut Def Jam album, Based on a T.R.U. Story. In line with the rapper's name, the project's cover art ditches the idea of showing Chainz's gurning face in favor of highlighting two - count 'em - gold ropes. But unfortunately, 2 Chainz's actual chains fail to make the upper class rap jewelry club, as these five superior shining pieces prove.

1. Rick Ross' Beard Chain

A chain of Rick Ross wearing a chain of Rick Ross, the Teflon Don's 2010 neckwear collection piece is something like a diamond-encrusted riddle wrapped up in a bearded enigma. In other words, totally bawse!

2. Slick Rick's '80s Collection

Forget the art of story-telling -- Slick Rick ruled the late-'80s over-sized jewelry scene with a regal air. Somewhere, a small Egyptian village is still wondering where all their local rare artifacts went.

3. Waka Flocka Flame's Fozzie Bear

Because who wouldn't want a chain celebrating Jim Henson's Muppets legacy?

4. Soulja Boy's Remote Controlled Car

This is bedazzled multi-tasking at its finest: Soulja Boy treated himself to a Lamborghini chain that also acts as a radio-controlled toy car.

5. Riff Raff's Reversible Cheshire Cat/Civil War Dime Piece

Modern hip-hop's foremost chain connoisseur, the $45,000 reversible chain Diplo bestowed on Riff Raff flips between proclaiming his Mad Decent allegiance and showcasing off a grinning Cheshire cat. According to Jody Highroller's own lore, the piece includes "Civil War Dime Denver Mint Diamonds."

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