Bloc Party Return For First of Three Sold-Out NYC Shows

Earlier this year, Bloc Party announced a few warm-up shows in the U.S. ahead of their upcoming fourth album Four, and any naysayers about the band's staying power were promptly put in their place. Their New York gig at Terminal 5 sold out immediately, prompting the addition of two more dates, which will put the total Bloc attendance well over 10,000 people in just 72 hours. Hive photographer Loren Wohl caught the band last night at the first of their three shows, where lead singer Kele Okereke confirmed he's happy to be back. And as the band mixed in old angsty favorites with new (also angsty!) material, it was like that whole 2009 hiatus never happened.

Check out the photos of Bloc Party and opening act the Drums below:

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